Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

1. Green Communication

Green Cooperative Communication

Energy-efficient 5G Technologies

Energy-efficient Signal Transmission and Reception

Green Wireless Communications

Optics Communications

Massive MIMO and Millimeter Wave Technologies

Satellite Systems, Positioning and Navigation

2. Green Networking

Energy-efficient Heterogeneous Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Ad Hoc/Mesh Networks

Opportunistic Networks

Cognitive Radio Networks

Network Security

3. Green IoT

Low-power Sensor Networks

Green and Ubiquitous Computing in IoT

5G Enabling Technologies for the IoT

Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing for the Green IoT

Device-to-device Communication in IoT

4. IT Energy-aware Technologies

Energy-efficient Protocols and Networking

Smart Grid Technologies

Electric Vehicles, Vehicular Electronics

Energy Awareness in Big Data Processing and Storage

Green Cloud Computing

5. Light and Lighting

Visible Lighting Based on LED

Lighting Design and Energy Saving

LED Light Sources and Materials

Fiber Optics Communications

Daylighting and Solar-like Lighting

Smart Lighting

Lighting Measurements and Evaluation

6. Artificial Intelligence Applications

AI in Resource Allocation Schemes

AI in Ubiquitous Mobile Wireless Communications

AI in Signal/Image Processing

AI in UAV-assisted Wireless Communications

Intelligent Antennas Design and Dynamic Configuration

Smart Unmanned Vehicular Technology